Oct 17, 2011

Inside the Church of the Ascension

Inside the Church of the Ascension designed c. 1840 by Richard Upjohn in Greenwich Village with an interior remodeling by Stanford White between 1885-1889 which included a mural by John La Farge.


The Ancient said...

Two of the clerestory windows -- third from the front on both the right and left sides -- were done by John Humphreys Johnston, a pupil and friend of John La Farge. Humphreys Johnston was the grandson of John Johnston, who lived at 7 Washington Square North, and the nephew of John Taylor Johnston, who lived at 8 Fifth Avenue and was the founding president of the Metropolitan Museum.

Johnston's father, James Boorman Johnston, commissioned the Tenth Street Studio Building (designed by Richard Morris Hunt). His first cousin Emily de Forest and her husband Robert, who also served as president of the Met, created the museum's American wing.

Humphreys Johnston himself spent much of his later life in Paris and at the Palazzo Contarini dall Zaffo in Venice, which the Johnston family owned and restored. His wife Annie was the sister of the poet Emma Lazarus.

P.S. Zach -- I'm dedicating this post to Dilettante, because it's so convoluted!

Zach said...

Very interesting. Did you have family in the Village years ago Ancient?

The Ancient said...

Some people, yes. What's now sometimes called Old Old New York.

I forgot to mention that I've heard that Johnston assisted La Farge on the alterpiece. I don't know whether that's true or not.